Since 2014.

We founded Cohere in 2014 with a vision of setting our unique mix of skills loose on the thorniest of creative and strategic challenges. Ever since, we've been working with a whole host of clients and collaborators to bring coherence to innovation process, user experiences and communications.

Sam Dunne


Sam is a designer, strategist, writer, researcher and facilitator.

Sam has a knack for making connections, uncovering gems of insight, finding clarity in complexity and bringing inanimate ideas to life.

An intrepid explorer Sam has lived and worked in Germany, Helsinki, Tokyo and Sri Lanka.

Lottie Burnley


Lottie is a designer, researcher, content curator and project manager.

Lottie is a process and planning drill sergeant, with an eye for content and a way with people.

Lottie has a breadth of experience ranging from manufacturing and criminal justice to events and start-ups.